Traveling on a low budget

20 tricks how to travel almost without money


Traveling doesn't need to be expensive, you could do it actually for free. Just keep in mind that if you won’t pay it with money you are going to pay with your comfort and time which could be „expensive“ as well. So if you're ready to sleep constantly in tents, small hostel rooms with way too many other people and a nutrition based on carbohydrates and vegetables you are ready to discover the world.

During the first half of our South America trip we heard all kinds of reproaches of having rich parents or being privileged because of our job situation or lifestyle. I actually think our only advantage are our passports and it really sucks that we are still living in a world where it actually matters in which country you were born in.

We also got quite a lot positive questions from friends or people we met on the way, how it is possible to finance a trip like this. Spoiler alert: you don't need to be a millionaire or have a rich family, a huge portion of adventurous spirit, lots of time and lowering your standards is enough to make your dreams come true. So stop making excuses, if you really want to do it, read the following tips for traveling on a low budget, quit you job and travel to the next interesting country which comes to your mind!

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a guideline for successfully catching a ride


Why to spent money on a bus or plane if you can reach your destination for free? Hitchhiking is a great possibility to get in touch with locals, receive important information about the region/country which you are traveling to and mostly its even more comfortable than public transport.
For the most people its pretty strange to stand for the first time on the road, holding their finger in the wind, others are afraid of criminals or violent people.
With this article we would like to help you to overcome your fear about hitchhiking and share some useful information and tricks how to get your free ride.

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South America packing list

things you should not miss in your backpack


Before you start your trip one of the most important questions is what do i really need while traveling? There is a thin line between useful gadgets and unnecessary weight. At first you should make sure whats the purpose of your travel, how do you sleep while being on the way, what special equipment you might need, with how many other persons do you travel, is there a chance to wash your clothes on the way?

According to this you could start a list with stuff you´ll probably need, in best case you already start some weeks before your flight goes. Afterwards you can start to search your things together, possibly buy what you still need and place everything on the ground. It might help to sort it in categories like clothing, electronics and so on.

We would recommend not to take more luggage than 25% of your body weight, if you need to carry it on your back each day on your journey. This should not animate you to calculate this weight and fill up your backpack till you reached the last gram of it, in this case less is more.

Usually we tend to pack too much anyways, so its time to sort some things out. Basically you don't need anything which you don't use at least once a week except of things which are super cool or might safe your life at some point.

If you are still not sure how and what to put in your backpack we provide the following list for you. This is basically what we took for our current trip to South America. With this setup you'll be protected for almost every weather if its not getting too much below zero. Its sufficient for a little hiking trip with camping in between and keeps you independent from seeking for hostels every day. Moreover, you'll find some useful things which you should not miss while being away from your habitual environment.

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